Fatigue no.1, 2021, H20×W247×D275cm

Detail of Fatigue no.1

Installation view at “Grounded“(2021), Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

Fatigue no.2, 2021, H20×W247×D275cm

Detail of Fatigue no.2

Detail of Fatigue no.2


Acrylic on paper

The plastic candy wrapper lying on the floor is an enlarged reproduction drawn on paper by an artist’s hand. The work aims to reconstruct the relationship between humans and garbage. In a human daily life, a small plastic film on a street is nothing more than trash which should be removed from public spaces. But how do other small animals, such as rats, ants and sparrows, perceive that garbage? It is not difficult to imagine that they don’t recognize it as trash, but just as an object. By enlarging a plastic package, the audience may experience enlarged garbage as just an object same as other being.

この作品は、従来の人間とゴミとの関係を揺るがそうとしています。私たちの日常生活では、小さなプラスチックフィルムが道に落ちていても、公共空間から排除すべきゴミ以 上の何者でもありません。しかし、ネズミやアリ、すずめ などの小さな動物たちにとってはどうでしょうか? 彼らはゴミとしてではなく、単なるモノとして受け取るだろうこ とは想像に難くありません。