• Somewhere in the Ballpark

    video, everyday items

    The video installation is set in a post-apocalyptic future and follows two men who rove around and conduct research. Excavating everyday objects of our time, the two men discuss how and for what the objects are used and give each of them a name. The installation raises a question whether things have stable, fixed meanings.

    The theme of this work is the relationship between a thing and human beings with a particular focus on “interpretation” and “naming”. We live in the time where the relationship between a thing and its interpretation is often fixed and given. However, in the time after the world has ended, which is when the story is set, the relationship between a thing and its meaning have already been separated. Giving a thing a new purpose and a name is represented as the act of creating new value of the world. In this work, I defined the act of interpreting and naming things as “invention”, and it is presented as a way of constructing a new world.